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How to Choose an Accent Wall in Your Bathroom

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Have you heard about accent walls in a home? Well, these are the highlighted walls that are commonly found in living rooms and bedrooms of homes. However, you can add an accent wall in any space in your home and offer an emphasised appearance.

But can you add an accent wall in your bathroom? Yes, why not?

During bathroom renovation, You can contribute much to the beauty of your bathroom by adding an accent wall. However, the most common problem that people face while choosing an accent wall for their bathroom is which wall should be the highlighted one in the space.

Well, if you too are dealing with such an issue, here are a few tips to help you accentuate a wall in your bathroom for better appearance:

Which Wall to Choose as the Accent Wall?

The First Wall You See When You Enter

Generally, people take it as a rule of thumb. They choose to accentuate the wall that is across the door in the space or the wall that is right opposite the door of the bathroom. The idea is to choose the wall that would be the first one people would see when they enter the bathroom. And we think this is actually a wonderful idea. When you choose this wall as the accent wall, this is actually a kind of first impression of the bathroom that stays in the mind of people. Although this is not mandatory and you can choose any wall in your bathroom, the first wall you see creates a totally different experience.

The Wall at the Back of the Shower:

The second most considered wall to make an accent wall is the one on which your shower is mounted in the bathroom. Actually, most bathrooms have a separate space for a shower right at the end of their bathroom. And this is why the first wall that most people see is the one that is at the back of their shower. You can choose even this wall to accentuate because it offers a great feeling when you take a shower.

The Vanity Wall

You might have a wall that is used as the vanity wall in your bathroom. This vanity wall has gained popularity only in the last few years and now, people choose to make it their accent wall. Generally, this is the wall that people choose to hang their bathroom mirror etc. and it offers a very good impression as an articulation wall. 

Can You Have More than One Accent Wall?

Actually, the concept of an accent wall is to highlight just one wall so that it could stand out against the rest of the space and create a good impression. And for a bathroom, if you create two or more accent walls, it will definitely mar the idea and the concept.

Highlighting 2 or more walls will lead to overdoing the concept and your bathroom will not appear that good. If you wish to accentuate another wall, it has to be slightly less bright than the original accent wall. You can use colours a few shades lighter or use some less flashy wallpapers than the accent wall on the second accent wall.

A couple of accent walls look good in living rooms that are really big and are divided into several parts through walls. But when it comes to your bathroom which is normally a smaller space, it would be good if only one of the walls acts as an accent wall.

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What to Use on an Accent Wall

What to Use on an Accent Wall?

When you are about to create an accent wall in your bathroom, it is very important to ensure the right balance. While the wall has to be brighter than the other walls of the space, you need to make sure you do not overdo the wall and create a terrible experience for the users.

Darker Shade of Paint

Generally, people use a darker shade of paint on the accent wall and then use some add-ons like artwork or metallic products to embellish the wall. You can also go with this idea and choose a dark version of the already used paint on your accent wall to create a better impression. But when doing so, do not go for jet black shade, extreme browns, or darkest blues. They are generally not preferred on accent walls.

Natural Stones & Funky Tiles

Besides, some people go for natural stones and funky tiles to accentuate a wall. Well, using tiles is a good concept and these bathroom tiles are available in a variety of different shades. You can choose any of them according to your needs and create an accent wall. Tiles are easier to clean and last a long period of time.

Against this, natural stones such as limestones or sandstones can also be used to create an accent wall. However, these stones are generally costlier than most other materials. Besides, if you choose stones or tiles, these would be a kind of permanent accent walls and you might not be able to change them when you get bored.


However, you can use wallpapers to accentuate a wall in your bathroom and these would be available in so many different varieties. 

So these are some of the products that you can use on an accent wall in your bathroom and offer it a totally different view. Remember, you can always consult a bathroom renovation expert in your region and get an idea about accent walls in different parts of your home. Experts can assist you really well in the matter and can offer you a gorgeous piece of an accent wall that really stands out.

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