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Things to Consider When Buying a New Bathtub During Bathroom Renovation

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The bathtub plays a major role during a bathroom renovation. Changing the bathtub design, position, etc., can significantly impact your bathroom’s appearance. Changing the bathtub and related accessories can be enough to refurbish your bathroom.

There are various bathtub options available in the market when you choose to do Bathroom Renovations Melbourne. You must select the one that perfectly meets your need. Consider the following factors while choosing the new bathtub during renovation and get the one that perfectly fits your needs.


Classic Look Bathtub

This is the most important factor when purchasing a bathtub during bathroom renovations. As the material of the tub determines its durability, you should be specific while considering the material of the tub. The two most common materials used for making bathtubs are fiberglass and acrylic. 

Fiberglass and acrylic materials are reasonably priced but aren’t very durable. Moreover, fiberglass can’t even withstand much temperature. If you want something durable, go for marble, cast polymer, or metal like steel, copper, etc. These are durable and provide an aesthetic look to your bathroom. If you are renovating your bathroom with a specific theme, choose the material according to that; if you have a good budget, go for marble, cast polymer, or metal like steel, copper, etc., durable materials.


Large Size Bathtub

Size is the second most crucial factor you must consider while renovating the bathroom. If you already had issues with the standard size of the bathtub you had earlier, then go for a bigger size bathtub. But for this, you should consider changing the position of the bathtub if the new bathtub can’t fit there.

You can then also go for keeping the bathtub in an open space rather than in the case made from it earlier. Alternatively, you can discuss with the contractor to see what will make better sense.


Luxury Heavy Weight Bathtub

Material and the size of the bathtub determine the weight of the tub. If you are considering refurbishing the bathroom on the first floor, you need to be careful regarding the weight of the bathtub. Analyze whether your house can withstand the heavy weight of an empty and filled metal or marble bathtub.

If your house doesn’t support such weight bathtubs, do for lightweight acrylic or fiberglass bathtub. But if you already have a heavyweight bathtub, you don’t analyze much about the weight of the bathtub.

Shower option

Bathtub Shower Fitted

Showers can be fitted with the bathtub or kept in separate places. This shower option depends on the space of your bathroom. If you have a small space, you may consider a shower and bathtub combined. If you have a large space, keep them both in separate places so that you can enjoy both types of baths according to your preferences. 

For giving a new glimpse of your bathroom, go for the one you didn’t have earlier. That will have a greater impact on changing your bathroom space, and you will get an opportunity to experience something different. Find the best bathtub options for your Bathroom.


White Bathtub

The cost of the bathtub depends on the material, size, and features. While considering the cost of the bathtub, you must also include the installation cost. A standard size and design of bathtubs are available at low costs, but if you go for customized bathtubs, that may cost a little bit more. The metal and marble bathtubs can be much more costly.

If you are changing the position of the bathtub, then that may require additional plumbing installations, and the cost might go higher. If you buy a deeper bathtub than an earlier one, you might require a new heater. You will have to add heater cost to your bathtub budget. Also, if you are installing the whirlpool, air tub features may require repair from time to time.

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Bathroom Theme Design

Bathtubs are made in different designs and colors. Many people use white bathtubs to give a classy look. But various contemporary bathtubs are available in distinct designs and styles. You can go for the bathtub that matches the color of the bathroom walls to give it a dashing appearance.

If you choose a unique style bathtub, that will be of more cost, but that will enhance the bathroom’s look. It will be worth the cost you are paying for the bathtub. You can browse the different styles or discuss them with your contractor to find the best suite for your bathroom space. 

Final words

Buying a new bathtub greatly impacts how your renovated bathroom will look. Consider the above factors and get the best according to your preference and budget. You can hire Bathroom Renovation Experts to get the best refurbishment in your bathroom. Get the best features such as digital controls, speakers, tub lighting, and ADA compliance enhance your bathroom’s look.

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