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A dash of wall art and some aesthetic value could be the answer you’re looking for. Home Renovation Expert reveals the creative methods to add a little additional flair to your new or old kitchen.

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The Kitchen is said to be the Head of the Household, as well as the Social Hub.

The kitchen is the gathering place for food, family, and acquaintances. In most houses, this area is a swarm of activity 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s critical that your kitchen serves you and your family well, with enough of storage and a well-designed layout.

Kitchen Remodeling Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

Kitchens, as the metaphorical beating heart of a home, tends to set a tone for its design and character, so homeowners should carefully explore all of the alternatives available during a kitchen remodel.

Kitchens are continually popular remodeling choices, in additional to having a major effect on lifestyle. Because the kitchen is generally the heart of the home, renovating it is a unique home renovation.

It’s understandable that you’d want a kitchen that’s both functional and attractive, with high-quality materials. We serve clients in Melbourne’s suburbs, offering everything from moderate remodeling to a comprehensive custom makeovers.

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Well how Get more Out of Your Kitchen Remodel

Whether you want a modern or contemporary style, and something more classic like a French Provincial kitchen, Home Renovation Expert‘s experts will be available to help you at every stage of the renovation.

We’ll work to understand your demands so that we can design a stunning bespoke kitchen that’s tailored with you and your family’s needs. Many techniques and causes are involved in restorations, but a few of them involve-

Renovated Kitchen view Melbourne
Kitchen Cabinet


The usage of concertina above cupboards is an example of clever storage. Including as many drawers (rather than cupboards) as possible, as well as built-in lighting and adaptable drawer organisers.

Drawers are becoming increasingly popular as a way to give plenty of immediately accessible space. Inventive storage, such as the utilisation of stacked overhead cabinets.

Kitchen Benchtop


The benchtop is an important feature to consider when creating or updating your kitchen. There will be a tabletop to suit your style, but it is good to do your study.

When determining which countertop would be best for your kitchen, likewise the material sintered surfaces- porcelain, engineered stone, marble, granite, solid timber, acrylic-solid surface, and laminate. First evaluate how efficient it is.

You must consider about if it can tolerate heat and UV harm, stains, or scratches, is extremely durable, and is easy to clean and maintain.

kitchen Renovation


We use a stable of dependable and competent trades at Home Renovation Expert. They are familiar with us and adhere to our high standards, ensuring that your project runs well.

Your architect can provide you with an estimate of trade expenses, and you will then pay the trades directly! Trade related to kitchen renovations include-

  • Demolition (Rip-Out)
  • Plumber & Electrician
  • Splashback Tiling
  • Plasterings

To relieve you of the effort of arranging trades, Home Renovation Expert will only charge a minimal trade coordinating fee. It’s a more expense choice for our clients than paying the high cash for a project leader.


Kitchen Appliances


Multi-purpose kitchen spaces (also known as sculleries or butler’s cupboards) are used for housekeeping, foodstuff and other stockpiling, and the placement of equipment like kitchen appliances, sandwich makers, and food processors.

So, if you really want to incorporate those or other great features or concepts into your remodel, contact Renovation Experts to learn more how we can assist you in realising your ideal kitchen.

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Home Renovation Expert specialise in new kitchen renovations and high-end facelifts. We provide the best option for your kitchen remodelling with a seamless procedure created by the experts using Home Renovation Expert’s trades and design under one roof.

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