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Should You Have the Same Floor Throughout Your House?

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Flooring is one of the home renovation jobs that happens only once in a while. You might already know that it is a big expense and can cost you a lot of money. In such a case, choosing a kind of flooring material, based on your home architecture, your budget, and the aesthetics could be a bit difficult.

And in such a case, people generally do have questions like “Should flooring be the same throughout the house?” The very simple answer to this question could be a Yes and even a No these days.

While most people go for just one flooring option in their entire house, the latest trends suggest that you can have multiple floorings or mixing flooring in your home. This might appear strange but this is one of the common things these days and people bring about changes in their floorings on different floors, different rooms, and sometimes, they use a different flooring material in the same room.

However, how credible do you think is having different floorings in the same space or same house?

Let us look at the major pros and cons of having the same or uniform flooring throughout your house to offer you a better idea about it:

Pros of Same Floor Throughout

Same Floor Bring a Feeling of Consistency

When you have the same floors throughout the house, it brings a consistent and uniform feel. Especially if you are aiming to keep a uniform look throughout your house, the same flooring materials can bring that effect to good effect. 

People generally choose one single stone such as marble or ceramic tiles to cover the floor of their home and some people choose hardwoods as well. Make sure whatever you choose matches the architecture of your home.

It Enhances the Space and View

The same flooring material throughout your home will also enhance the space in your home. In other words, when you have the floors in the same color, it tends to make your home appear bigger. 

For instance, when you use the same floors in your kitchen and bathroom as well, you would see that the spaces add up to enhance the view of your home.

Having the Same Floors is Cheaper

One of the major advantages of having the same floor throughout your home is that you can get it installed at a much cheaper cost than mixing floorings. When you need to buy only a single kind of material, you can get it in bulk and reduce your expenses. 

Against this, when you buy multiple flooring materials, it will definitely drill a big hole in your pockets.

Plus, installation of a single kind of flooring throughout the home is easier. You can contact a single flooring contractor who will perform the job for you. But you may need the help of a few contractors if you need to install different kinds of flooring materials in your home.

Maintenance is Easier

When the floors are the same throughout your house, you can clean and maintain them easily. For instance, you can use the same cleaning product throughout the floors and go from one room to another without thinking.

However, when the rooms have different floors, they demand different maintenance. You can clean stone floors with water, but wooden floors need separate cleaning procedures. Similarly, you may need different cleaning materials for different kinds of floors.

And this is why having the same floors could be advantageous.

Cons of Same Floor Throughout

Same Flooring Limits your Options

When you have the option to get many distinct flooring materials in your home, choosing only one kind of floor throughout the house will definitely limit your options. You may have family members who would wish to have a distinct kind of flooring option in their room. 

And when you know that these are the latest trends, you should not limit your options to just one floor. 

These Floors Lack Uniqueness

Getting one single flooring material for your entire house is an old-school process and there is nothing unique about it. If you really wish to make your home stand out from the neighbor’s house, the same type of flooring throughout the house will not serve the purpose for you.

Instead, mixing flooring will offer your home a more unique view and make your house look more creative to the visitors. All your family members can have the flooring of their choice in their rooms.

Repairs Could be Difficult and Costly

When the flooring material is the same throughout the house, it can be a tedious process to make the repairs, in case some portion faces any damage. For instance, if you have tile flooring throughout your home and some portion faces damage, getting the same shade or pattern of the tile can be a difficult process.

But when the flooring materials are different, you can get the small portions easily, and even if you need to change the flooring for an entire room, it will not be a costly affair for you.

So you can observe that having the same floor throughout the home can have some pros and cons. Make sure you contact an expert home renovation contractor to get flooring services for your home. These flooring contractors can offer you a better idea about the kind of floors that suit your home the best. What’s your view on this?

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