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What Paint Is Best For Bathroom Walls?

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How often does it come to your mind to paint your bathroom walls? Many times! In this blog post, we are going to talk about some of the best paint for your bathroom wall. 

Before getting your bathroom painted, you should keep in mind some important things about paints. Generally, the paint we use is made up of two parts: the first being the pigment itself. The pigment is responsible for giving it its color and density. The second is resin- which holds the pigment. 

Not every paint is capable of withstanding moisture. You need to make sure that your bathroom isn’t too damp and too humid. Be mindful that your hot showers and sink swashes can cause moisture on the walls, due to which the quality of the paint might get damaged with time.

A Lot of Options

There are a lot of paints available in the market, we often get confused. You know that you should use different paints for different places in the bathroom. For the side walls, you need a different paint, for ceilings you need a different paint, for giving a finish, you need a different paint. We’ll be covering it all in this blog.

Different Walls, Different Paints

Different Walls, Different Paints

You must be wondering which paint is the best for your bathroom walls and can hold out against such conditions. Not only this, it must resist your walls from rotten growth. Without any further ado, let us discuss which paint is going to be the best for the walls while remodeling your bathroom

What’s Wrong With Oil-Based Paints?

First, let us talk about oil paints that are normally used in our bathrooms and rooms. The problem with oil-based paints is that they turn yellow with time. Nobody likes those faded yellow-colored walls, right?

Although a lot of people think that these are cheaper, and have the potential to withstand any conditions. Though they’re durable, that’s not the case here. To clean up the wall, you would require mineral spirits. It takes a lot of time to dry. Not only this, these oil paints are very harmful to your health as well since they let out volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Latex Paint Is A Better Choice

 If not oil-based paints then what should you choose then? You should choose latex paints. It’s going to be an apt choice if you are planning to paint your bathroom. These water-based paints nowadays have improved a lot in terms of composition. The chemicals used in the making of these paints can hold out against tough conditions and is capable of resisting moist condition. One thing you should keep in mind while selecting this paint is that make sure it’s washable. 

Why Washable?

You must be thinking why should you go for a washable one? Due to their closely packed molecular composition, these paints generally don’t let the water pass. It’ll be easier for you to clean away the stains, or any residue from the wall. With minimal effort, you can clean up the wall. 

Look, it is okay to make your bathroom look good, but more than that it’s important to think about durability and reliability. You cannot just pick up any paint and start painting up the walls. The traditional paints, also called flat paints provide more color saturation but are not long-lasting. By this, we are talking about the composition of the paint. 

The composition comprises more color matter, fewer binders, and resins that are used in protecting the wall from moisture, and molds. These paints can provide good coloration to the walls, but they can’t provide that sheen, the glossy texture to your bathroom walls. In addition to that, a lot of effort needs to be put to put into cleaning up the walls. They can’t withstand scrubbing either. This is the main reason why you shouldn’t opt for flat paints. 

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Paint Finishing Is Important

Finishing Is Important

We read about latex paints above and you know only the paint isn’t sufficient for the walls. The walls must need a final finish after the painting. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry we’ve covered everything in this blog. 

For your bathroom, the best paint for giving a final touch would be semi-gloss paint. You must be thinking why is it so? First, this paint is shiny, and you can clean it easily. Although, it may leave some spots. It doesn’t need to be going to give surefire stains. The only thing that matters the most when it comes to selecting the correct finish is that it must resist moisture failing which could result in the growth of molds and mildews.

Best Paint For Ceilings

The ceiling is an area that cannot be reached easily. Since it is at a certain height, there is less chance to come in contact with water. Most of us steer clear of spending money on buying quality paint for ceilings. This is the most common mistake we all usually do. Now there might be plenty of questions crossing your mind right now. What if the ceiling gets trapped by the moisture? That would fall apart, isn’t it? Which paint do you think would be the best for ceilings then? 

Now it simply depends on your requirement. For steamy bathers, you should go for the paint that can hold up against moisture as it’ll be created by the steam. You should buy a semi-glossy one in this case. Also, it will protect your ceiling from mold growth. 


Never compromise on the quality of paint to save a penny. It’s the moisture that ruins the whole game. The main aim is to save our bathroom walls from the growth of mildew. Isn’t it? Now that you are familiar with all types of paints, choose wisely!

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