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Should Bathroom Vanity Be Wider Than the Mirror?


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Do you think there is a correlation between the size of your bathroom vanity and the mirror near it? When you are about to go for a bathroom remodelling, you would have to choose each of these elements with precision.

Most homeowners look to choose the grandest bathroom vanities and mirrors but forget to adhere to size considerations. So if you too are looking to install a new bathroom vanity or a new bathroom mirror, this bathroom renovation guide will definitely assist you.

Should the Bathroom Vanity Be Wider?

According to the renovation experts, bathroom vanities should be a couple of inches wider than the mirrors you install. In other words, the width of bathroom mirrors, framed or frameless, should be less than the bathroom vanities.

The reason why mirrors are taken less in width is that they fit well on the top of the sink or the vanity, deliver a pleasing appearance and also offer sufficient space to install other bathroom accessories.

Optimum Width of Bathroom Mirror

You would have gotten the idea that the bathroom mirror should be less in width against the vanity. However, how much less do you think the width should be?

Well, having a 2 to 4 inch narrow mirror would surely make a big difference. For instance, if you have a bathroom vanity that is 24 inch wide, a mirror of size 20 to 22 inch wide would surely offer the best appearance.

And as aforementioned, a narrower mirror offers a better aesthetic view in your bathroom. If the mirror is wider than the vanity, it would overpower the bathroom space and would not offer a pleasing view. 

Sometimes, people install large mirrors so that they could enhance the view in the bathroom and make a small bathroom look larger. However, if this is not the case, the large mirror in the bathroom over a narrower vanity will appear highly unbalanced.

Shapes of Bathroom Mirrors

The shape of your bathroom mirror will also determine its aesthetic view in the space. Here are some of the most common bathroom mirror shapes preferred by homeowners:

  • Round Bathroom Mirrors: Round bathroom mirrors have less usable area than rectangular mirrors of the same size. And hence, it would take less space to deliver better outcomes. This offers you the freedom to go for any size and you can even opt for a round mirror that is bigger than the size of your vanity. However, make sure you keep track of the size of the sink in your bathroom so that you can ensure a proportion between the sink and the vanity.
  • Rectangular Bathroom Mirrors: If you are choosing rectangular mirrors for your bathroom, make sure the width of the mirror should be more than 12 inches. A person would normally see the mirror at a distance of about an arm from the mirror and a mirror less than 12 inches would not be suitable.
  • Oval Bathroom Mirrors: Although oval bathroom mirrors are not very common, homeowners still consider them an option while bathroom remodelling. And if you are looking to install them, you can go with the same rules as applicable for round and rectangular bathroom mirrors.

Some Useful Bathroom Mirror Hacks:

  • If you have relatively less space in your bathroom, make sure you choose a mirror with a narrow frame or a frameless one. Mirror frames take up a lot of useful space in the bathroom.
  • Small vanities suit vertical mirrors perfectly. The mirror should be less wide than the vanity.
  • If you have a vanity with two sinks or one double-sink vanity, you can go for a large mirror. But make sure you select a mirror that has similar width as that of the vanity.
  • Talking about the height of the mirror, it is suggested to get a mirror reaching about a foot above and even a foot below the eye line of the people who use it. Also, the more height you can get for the mirror, the better it is since it offers more viewing angles and a more open look at the area.

So while you get bathroom renovation services and are looking to get a new mirror as well, you need to consider the aforementioned aspects. You can consult an experienced contractor such as Home Renovation Expert which offers the best bathroom renovation in Melbourne at affordable costs. Use the experience of professionals to offer your bathroom a better appearance.

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