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Bathroom Renovation Process: What are the steps in a bathroom renovation?


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Renovation of the bathroom might look like an easy task, but it’s pretty tricky work. You require an exemplary bathroom renovation service with a proper plan and strategy to make it a smooth process. Before you start renovation work, you need to understand the process of renovation step by step.

Due to the complexity of the place, bathroom renovation often requires a variety of tasks. Acknowledging the process of renovation step by step is crucial to saving you time and money. After all, a proper bathroom renovation can increase its life to some years. So, without wasting any more time, let’s move on to see the steps in the bathroom renovation.

Draft a Plan 

Proper planning is a crucial step when starting any new project. So, begin with drafting a plan for your bathroom renovation. First, think of your budget. How much you want to invest in renovation is significant to think about before going on to perform the actual task.

See what materials you require for renovating the bathroom if you want to change bathroom hardware like fixtures, faucets, handles, shower, etc. Write it all down and find out the costs of all of them. You can also ask your bathroom renovation assistant to provide you with these accessories, and they can get you all of them at a minimum price range with premium quality.

Think about whether you want to do renovation according to any theme. If yes, then how much would it cost you? If you are thinking of getting a contemporary theme, then according to that, you can have statement lights and a contemporary-look bathtub. 

Remove all the worn outs 

If you want to change handles and fixtures, and shower heads while renovating, the first step is to remove the old ones so that you can attach all of them at once. Start this work with proper planning, as it can be disastrous if you go wrong. You can consider switching off the electricity supply and water supply to the washroom until you work there. This will make the process quite easy and smooth. Remove the accessories, towel racks, bathtub, etc., with care to prevent harm to the tiles or walls.

Change Backsplash and Flooring

Before fixing the hardware, you should make the changes that you want to the backsplash and the floor of the bathroom. If you want to keep it simple and less time-consuming, then go for peel-and-stick backsplash as well as tiles. If you have a good budget, then you can consider re-tiling instead. 

Fixing Hardware

Once you have cleared all the worn-out things from your washroom, it’s time to fix the new hardware in its place. Begin with fixing the wirings required. After that, move on to fixing the faucets, shower heads, towel bars, tissue holders, soap cases, handles, etc. Do all the fixing work properly to prevent unnecessary damage in the bathroom.

If you are going to get the new bathtub to your bathroom, see whether it requires a different setting than your older bathtub. If yes, then make the necessary arrangements for tap and drain. 

Change the Lights and Vanity

If you want to add the signature look to your washroom without spending much, consider adding new statement lights. Change the traditional lights with LED lights with modern light fixtures. Add mirror lights or hanging lights for a more enhanced look.

Furthermore, if you lack storage space in your washroom, consider adding a vanity in your bathroom. If you already have enough cabinets, you can paint them with contemporary colours to give a statement look. 

Paint The Walls or Stick the Wallpaper 

Once you finish the fixing work, you can begin painting the walls. Before painting, fix all the damage caused to the walls. If you hire a bathroom remodelling team, they can do this work excellently for you. Go for the proper shades of colours. 

Nowadays, waterproof wallpaper is the simplest option to make your walls look attractive. You can also get a wooden finish wallpaper to give a more aesthetic vibe to your washroom. This will save your cost of painting and the time required for the painting work.

Install Sink and Bathtub 

If you want to have a modernised look sink, then you can change it too. Attach or fix the sink to the wall using the necessary fixing materials. 

Shower door 

If you want a more aesthetic look to your bathroom, consider adding a shower door to the shower area. The clear glass door can provide the best ace to the shower area. If you have got the proper skills, then you can do it yourself.

However, you can hire a team of skilful personnel to do this task since it’s quite difficult to work. Get the shower rug also to enhance the vibe of your shower area. You can also add a shower curtain to the site instead of glass.  

Finish it up by Adding Plants

Plants are the evergreen way of making the place look calm and peaceful. They allow proper oxygen circulation in the bathroom area, preventing suffocation even if you don’t have enough ventilation.

Get indoor plants that can last for a long time. Make the necessary arrangements, such as stands for keeping the indoor plants. 

Bottom Line 

Now as you know the process of renovation step by step, You can begin with the work as soon as you want to. Hire the best bathroom renovation Melbourne team to assist you with the work. You can also get guarantees on the fixtures and service if the service providers are reputed. Also, the work can be done at its best with a skilled team of professionals.

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