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Why a Floating Sink is the Ultimate Bathroom Upgrade

Floating Bathroom Sink

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When it comes to home renovations, bathrooms stand out as spaces that can significantly enhance a property’s appeal and value. Even subtle changes can bring about a remarkable transformation in this daily-used sanctuary. 

One of the latest trends gaining traction in contemporary bathroom design is the installation of floating sinks or vanities. 

In this article, we will delve into the essence of floating sinks, explore their rising popularity, and provide essential considerations before opting for this modern upgrade.

What Are Floating Sinks?

A floating sink or vanity is a bathroom fixture mounted directly onto the wall, eliminating visible support legs or bases. 

This creates the illusion of the sink or vanity “floating” in mid-air, contributing to a sleek and polished aesthetic. 

While not a novel concept, floating sinks have recently surged in popularity due to an expanded range of styles, including options featuring luxurious materials like marble.

The Growing Popularity

The increased popularity of floating sinks can be attributed to the broader array of styles available, accommodating diverse tastes and home aesthetics. 

Previously associated mainly with sleek, modern designs, floating sinks are now offered in styles that seamlessly blend with more traditional or upscale decor. 

This expanded versatility has made them an appealing choice for homeowners seeking a contemporary yet customisable bathroom upgrade.

Factors to Consider Before Installation

While the allure of floating sinks is undeniable, there are practical considerations that warrant attention before diving into a renovation project:

Storage Limitations

Floating sinks often lack under-sink storage, making them more suitable for powder rooms or guest bathrooms than main family bathrooms.

Standalone storage pieces can be considered as a workaround, but careful thought is needed to maintain the sleek lines of a floating sink.

Structural Considerations:

The wall where the sink is to be installed may need reinforcement from a construction standpoint.

Consultation with a contractor is advisable to ensure the structural integrity of the chosen installation area.

Customisation and Accessibility

At any height, floating sinks can be hung, allowing for customization to create a more accessible space or cater to the needs of a kids’ bathroom.

The cleaner look of a floating sink minimises clunkiness, creating the illusion of more space, especially beneficial in smaller bathrooms.

Design Versatility

While commonly associated with sleek and modern designs, floating sinks can adapt to various styles. 

Antique Turkish marble sinks, for instance, can infuse a timeless and charming vibe when transformed into floating vanities.

Final Words

Installation of a floating sink can breathe new life into your bathroom, providing a contemporary and visually striking upgrade. However, it is crucial to carefully weigh the advantages and limitations, considering factors such as storage, structural requirements, and design preferences. 

By making informed decisions and consulting with professionals, you can ensure that your floating sink installation not only aligns with current trends but also stands the test of time, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality in your home.

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