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What is the Difference Between a Bathroom Remodel and a Renovation?

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Do you want to get your Bathroom Remodelled? Or do you want to renovate the bathroom? You might be wondering why I have written the same question twice. There are chances that you might have been using these words interchangeably. But renovation and remodelling are two different terms, and it’s crucial to understand the differences between them before you approach any team of professionals for your work. So, let’s see the difference between the two in the below article. 

Is There Any Necessity to Differentiate These Terms? 

Well, just like you, for ordinary people, these two words are like synonyms. But for professional people involved in all these tasks, these two are different words. They use it to perform a specific task. 

But you can use both of these words interchangeably. The tasks you want to undertake in your project for your bathroom clearly define it as remodelling or renovation. Whatever name you say, the professional person will understand it based on the assignments that you want to carry out.

However, knowing the discrepancy between the two terms gives you a clear idea of what you need for your bathroom space. 

Remodel vs Renovation 

Remodel means to alter the structure of the building. It is the task of remaking something to make it a new one. On the other hand, renovation merely means restoring something to a good condition. It also means making it look like a new one again by reviving it. 

Bathroom Remodelling

Bathroom Remodelling involves drastic alterations to your space to convert it into a new area. It considers the complete change of the framework, layout, and style of the bathroom. For example, if you are retiling your bathroom, then you are remodelling your bathroom. 

Which assignments are included in the Bathroom Renovation project?

Adding a partition in a bathroom

Adding a partition in the bathroom requires significant reconstruction work. Nowadays, people like to keep the toilet seat separate from the shower area. For that purpose, you can add glass partitions in the bathroom. Or you can consider adding any other wall partition also.

Removing the partition from the bathroom

If you are bored with the partition in your bathroom and want ample space for your washroom, consider removing the section. 

Retiling your bathroom 

Retiling is a significant task and requires a lot of reconstruction in your bathroom. Retiling can significantly give you a high return on investment. 

Changing backsplash 

If you are bored of seeing the same backsplash for years, undertake bathroom remodelling to these changes in your washroom.

Bathroom Painting 

Painting your bathroom becomes crucial. You want to see it like a new one. The painting task on your bathroom may last for a week, depending on the wall sizes and cabinets in your washroom area.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation is a simple task that doesn’t involve significant alterations to the constructed initial bathroom. You merely carry out the mission of changing a few things in your bathroom space, such as light fixtures, cabinet handles, paints on the wall, etc. 

The custom renovation of your bathroom can give it a modern and upgraded look without any significant changes. If you have bought a new house and want to give it a more personal touch by merely upgrading a few things, then renovation is best for you. 

What tasks are included in the Bathroom Renovation project?

Changing bathtub

This can come under renovation or remodelling depending on whether you have attached a bathtub to the bathroom floor or a free one. If your bathtub is not fixed on the floor, then that is a simple renovation task to bring and fit a new bathtub. 

Upgrading old lights 

Lights add a significant effect to your bathroom. Different styles and patterns of lights can add a different look to your space.

Getting new hardware in the bathroom 

Bathroom fittings and hardware get rusted over time. Replacing them gives a new glance to your bathroom. This is a simple renovation task which you can complete within a day or two. 

Changing shower panels

Replacing the old shower panels with modern ones is a renovation task. If you have leaking showers, you should consider changing them with a more classy and contemporary touch. 

Adding new cabinets or refurbishing the old ones

You can change the look of your washroom cabinets or add new ones if you require extra space in the bathroom. Merely repainting your cabinets can bring a new shine to them, or you can also choose to paste cabinet stickers to give them a unique classy glimpse.

Remodelling or Renovation What Costs More? 

As mentioned earlier, remodelling transforms something, so bathroom remodelling costs you more than Bathroom Renovation. This merely involves a lot of construction work. You will require more material for construction, more service costs, plumbing, electrician cost, etc. 

However, if you consider too many tasks for renovations and use premium quality products, the cost may get equal, but in most cases, the cost of remodelling goes relatively higher than renovation.

So, what tasks you undertake in your project decides the cost of renovation or remodelling. It’s not the words that determine the price but the work you want to do in your bathroom.

Are You Ready to Take the Next Step? 

So, as you know, the difference between bathroom remodelling and renovation, it’s time to decide. Analyse your space and your need for the area to determine it. Once you have decided what task to undertake, you can contact Bathroom Renovation Melbourne team for Renovation or Remodelling work of your bathroom.

Our team of experts have all that you need. We have expertise in handling several renovation or remodelling projects across Melbourne. A group of experts are professionally trained and perform their tasks skillfully. Knowing the exact price of remodelling your bathroom, contact us

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