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What Colours to Avoid in Your Bathroom?

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If you are about to get a new bathroom or remodel your old bathroom, you must have a certain design in mind. Most often than not, homeowners have a certain colour scheme and according to this, they choose the tiles and the paints of the bathroom.

However, as per renovation experts, there are some colours that you should absolutely avoid using in your bathroom. Strange, right? 

Well, as strange as it may sound, the experts suggest avoiding these colours in your bathroom for obvious reasons.

So here is a list of colours that you should avoid using in your bathroom:

Black Colour Bathroom


Black is one of the newest trends in bathroom designs. While people avoided black colours in their bathrooms in the past, many of them wish to create a totally different view by using black shades in most of the elements.

However, experts suggest avoiding black color in your bath because black absorbs most of the lighting and you may need more light to have enough brightness in the area. The black colour also hides the dust and dirt really well and since this is the darkest shade, it can create an impression of a decreased area of your bathroom.

So if you wish to offer your bathroom an enhanced view and make full use of the lighting conditions, avoid black colours in your bathroom.

Pure White Colour Bathroom

Pure White

It might turn a few heads but you are suggested to stay away from pure white shades in your bathroom by the experts. Yes, an absolute white bathroom has a totally different aura. It offers a royal appearance and is classic and timeless as well.

However, it is important to understand that pure white shades need more maintenance than any other shade. Your bathroom may appear dirty after every use and even water on the floor could lead to salt stains. You will need to take care of these stains every single day and use a lot of different chemicals to keep the whites white.

However, you should also know that these chemicals could degrade your tiles and can cause scratches on your white walls. Plus, many chemicals cause yellow stains on white walls. This is why you should stay away from getting pure white colours in your bathroom.

Golden Colour Bathroom


Are you fond of royalty? Well, people opt for golden shades in their bathroom because they might have seen some royal bathrooms in many palaces across the world having gold prints. And in most of these places, the gold you view is real gold.

However, if you are an average homeowner, getting real gold for your bathroom would be a distant dream. And thus, you should avoid getting fake golden paints or tiles in your bathroom because of several reasons.

Firstly, golden paints, etc. create a kind of shimmer and reflect the light to unwanted places. Thus, it would create a kind of hindrance when you are using a mirror in your bathroom and the reflection might not please your eyes as well.

Secondly, while the golden paints etc. may need regular maintenance to keep them golden, fake gold wears away very quickly when it comes in contact with chemicals. And when it fades, your bathroom would get a very ugly view with patches of ruined gold. 

So it is better to stay away from golden shades in your bathroom.

Red Colour Bathroom


How do you feel when you hear the colour Red? While red signifies love, more often than not, red is also a sign of danger. And when it comes to painting your bathroom, you should go with the latter sign of the shade.

As per the experts, you should avoid bright red colours in your bathroom, even when you are combining them with other shades such as white or cream.

This is because the colour red has a very provocative effect on your mind. You may visit your bathroom to get some refreshment but you may end up getting incited and this is just the opposite of what you demand from your bathroom. 

Even in real life, you would observe that when you wear red, it creates a kind of excitement in your mind and this might not turn out good when you are in your bathroom. So having more relaxing shades is more suggestible for your bathroom.

Muddy Brown Colour Bathroom

Muddy Brown

Some people try a trick. They go for muddy brown shades in their bathroom so that they do not have to clean their bathroom more often and the dust or dirt buildup would not appear in the regular view.

Well, you may consider yourself a bit clever in this aspect but the experts might not think so. This is because if you overlook the dirt buildup in your bathroom, it may lead to greater harm in the future. This dirt accumulation may invite bacteria and microbes to cause health issues and it would be a heftier expense in the future. Besides, muddy brown shades also diminish the area of your bathroom and it may appear smaller in size than normal.

 So while you are choosing colours for your bathroom, make sure you stay away from the above shades to avoid any troubles in the future. You can get assistance from the home remodelling or renovation experts of your area and get a better idea about colours that offer your bathroom a majestic view without any compromises. 

Do offer us your views on the topic.

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