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Smart Tips to Choose Tiles for Small Bathroom

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Is your bathroom very limited in terms of space? Well, such bathrooms need a big ponder because you need to include only a few elements inside so that it does not appear cluttered. 

However, while you are renovating your small bathroom, one of the most essential elements is considering tiles for your bathroom. You might think that tiling a small bathroom would be easier than a bigger bathroom, but in reality, it’s an equally tedious process. 

So here we have brought you some tips on how to choose tiles for your small bathroom so that you can get the best results without drilling big holes in your pocket:

Measure the Area of the Bathroom

Measure the Area of the Bathroom

Before you actually buy tiles for your bathroom, it is important to know about the area of your bathroom. You need to measure the area of the space and this will offer you an idea of the number of tiles needed.

If you have a square or rectangular bathroom, it might be a bit easier to measure. However, irregular bathrooms may need expert supervision so you can call bathroom renovation experts to perform the job for you.

Based on your measurements, you can get an idea about the different kinds of tiles available and the size that would suit your bathroom the best.

Always Order Extra Tiles

Always Order Extra Tiles

While you are picking tiles for your bathroom, you might try to match the area of the tiles with your bathroom space and buy exactly the number of tiles needed.

Well, while this is a cost-saving idea, the experts suggest buying 15 to 20 percent more tiles than your calculations. This is to make sure you have extra tiles to compensate for some bad workmanship, some accidents, some malfunctioning, etc. Extra tiles will ensure that your bathroom tiling process does not stop, which is always a possibility if you bought fewer tiles. Sometimes, there could be calculation errors as well and this is why getting extra tiles is always fruitful.

You can check with the seller if leftover tiles could be returned to the shop in return for money. Or else, you could keep them safe for future needs, such as repair jobs, in your bathroom.

Go for Large Tiles

Go for Large Tiles

Generally, people are under an impression that small bathrooms need small tiles and the larger tiles are meant for large bathrooms. Well, while very large tiles are definitely not suggestible in a small bathroom, you can go for medium or slightly large-sized tiles.

Actually, the human brain associates large tiles with larger space, and hence, when people see large tiles in a space, they tend to consider it large enough. Against this, smaller tiles offer an impression of a small space. So if you are planning to go for large tiles in your small bathroom, always keep track of the area and shape of your bathroom. 

If your bathroom is irregular in shape, you may need to cut the large tiles as per the requirements of the space. 

Simple Bathroom Tiles

Go for Simple Tiles

If your bathroom is small, it is important to keep the tiles simple and sophisticated. Go for lighter shades of tiles and avoid heavy art on the tiles. The more complicated the patterns on the tile, the smaller the impression of your bathroom.

And this is why do not go for fancy tiles or tiles in the darker shade when your bathroom is small. If you wish to offer your bathroom an enhanced appearance, simpler tiles with simple patterns will serve the purpose for you. 

Avoid Shiny Tiles on Floors

Avoid Shiny Tiles on Floors:

When choosing tiles for your floors, you can avoid having glossy or shiny tiles. First of all, they do not offer a great impression and secondly, glossy tiles are not that functional on the floors.

You would know that bathroom floors remain wet most of the time and they can always be a cause of accidents. Even a small amount of soap on shiny tiles could prove fatal for those who use the bathroom. This is why floor tiles in the bathroom are specially designed with friction so that they could eliminate all kinds of risks and prevent accidents. Plus, they are easy to clean and look quite beautiful as well.

Consult an Expert

While you are considering a bathroom remodelling job, you might not be able to manage everything on your own. This is why consulting a bathroom renovation contractor is a must when you are choosing tiles for your small bathroom. 

The experts will help you with the measurement of your space and would suggest the best bathroom tiles according to the amount of space you have. You will have to waste no time in calculating the number of tiles needed for your bathroom and you can even get their assistance in choosing the tiles from a store.

These seasoned bathroom remodelers have a lot of experience in managing renovations in bathrooms of different sizes and hence you would not need any extra effort in getting assistance from them. You can check for some expert bathroom remodelling contractors online and get quotes from them for your bathroom as well.

So while you are choosing tiles for your small bathroom, make sure you keep the above points in mind. And do not forget to call the experts to assist you in the matter if you wish to save your time, money, and efforts.

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