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Smart Kitchen Renovation: Read This Before You Get It

Smart Kitchen Renovation

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A kitchen is no ordinary place, right?

Yeah, it’s perhaps one of the most essential spaces in your home and can satisfy most of your cravings. 

But have you incorporated smart technologies in your kitchen? If you haven’t, you might be missing out on something really cool. 

The current trends in kitchen renovation are leaning towards smart technologies. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen, now is the perfect time to incorporate these innovations.

So are you ready to make your kitchen smarter? Here are some kitchen renovation tips and tricks to help you get a better idea of this aspect:

Smart Kitchen Ideas

Go For Smart Kitchen Appliances

Time to ditch those age-old kitchen appliances and go for smarter ones.

Yes, you can go for smart kitchen appliances such as smart microwaves and ovens, smart refrigerators, smart mixers and blenders, smart dishwashers and other such products. 

And when you install them in your kitchen, you can operate them through your smartphone and even through voice commands. For instance, you can warm your coffee through voice instructions in your smart oven and your smart refrigerator can offer you all the information about your inventory.

In fact, smart refrigerators contain an LED display and they can help you get a world of entertainment in your kitchen. You can update your shopping list through this and even place food orders with just a few instructions to the appliance.

No wonder, modern kitchen renovations are incomplete without smart kitchen appliances. 

Choose Voice-Assisted Lighting

When renovating your kitchen, consider installing voice-assisted lights for a smarter ambience.

Just as the name suggests, you can switch on and off the kitchen lights with just voice instructions and you can even use your smartphone to good effects.

These smart lights have more than on-and-off functions. In fact, you can adjust the intensity of the lights, get mood lighting, and change the colour of the lights according to your needs with just voice commands.

So you can make your kitchen stand out in your home by adding smart, voice-assisted lights to the space.

Add Smart Speakers to Kitchens

You might already have smart speakers in your home, right? Amazon Alexa devices and Google Assistant devices are quite common in homes across the world and it’s time to bring them to your kitchen as well.

Smart speakers can be a great thing for entertainment and they come with a cool display to help you work better in the kitchen.

For instance, you can watch cook-along videos on YouTube and create your favourite recipes without any hassles. You can video call your loved ones and stay connected to them even in your kitchen. You can create alarms for important tasks, set timers for products on the gas stove and microwave, get news updates, play music and do a lot more.

Also, if you already have a smart doorbell in your home, you can connect it to your smart speaker via a home network and get information about people who ring your doorbell, right from your kitchen. You can also talk to people at your door and keep track of the security of your home without moving out an inch.

So smart speakers in your kitchen can definitely help you a great deal. 

Install Smart Charging Stations

Admit it, your smart kitchen is incomplete without smart charging points.

All smart appliances and devices run either on electricity or on battery, and you need to make sure you have adequate charging points and sockets in your kitchen.

However, it’s also important to make sure that your kitchen is not a mess with all the wires around, and this is why you need smart charging stations. You can consult kitchen renovation experts and get safe charging and electrical points inside the kitchen drawers or get built-in outlets.

In fact, homeowners go for a charge-drawer with outlets on the inside and you can also get an induction charging pad. 

All these elements make sure that you do not need to run to your living room just to charge your smartphone or when you need to add a smart display to your kitchen.

Get Smarter Faucets

Make your kitchen smarter and more eco-friendly with smart plumbing support.

These days, smart faucets are one of the most trending products and homeowners look to get touch-activated faucets. You just need to tap on them to start and stop the flow of water, and this would ensure you use only as much water as you need.

In fact, you can get smart faucets with sensors and you do not even need to touch them for water. These will sense your hands or equipment and would start or stop the flow of water accordingly. 

So you get sanitary benefits and even save water by using it according to your needs. Say goodbye to leaking faucets and go for smart, touch-activated ones which deliver a smarter kitchen.

Dump in Smart Bins

Would you believe that even your kitchen trash cans have turned smarter than ever? Yeah, no more of those age-old bins to keep your kitchen waste. 

In fact, you can get smarter bins that have the following features:

  • Motion-sensor lids that automatically open or close, preventing touches for extra sanitation
  • Weight sensors to get alerts when the bins are full, prompting you to take the trash out
  • Voice-controlled bins so that you can operate them and even check the status through voice instructions
  • Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can monitor them even when you are not at home
  • Odour-control features so that you can keep your kitchen odour-free and healthy

So modern kitchen renovations are absolutely incomplete without smart technologies. If you’re planning a kitchen remodelling soon, be sure to research smart products and seek expert guidance for the latest layout ideas.

Also, make sure you have a budget in mind. Since these smart technologies for kitchens are a relatively new trend, they might take a bit more money than usual products.

However, if you wish to make your kitchen smart and more sophisticated, you can use these ideas and ensure better sanitation benefits, eco-friendliness and convenience at your disposal.

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