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Look Out for These Bathroom Trends in 2023

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The world has been slowly returning to its normalcy after a long hiatus. It was all coronavirus to blame for the loss of time and people. Gradually, everyone is returning to offices, taking new commutes, testing the waters, partying all night, and many more activities after the lockdown. But still, home is the place everyone wants to end up at the end of the day.

Imagine you are coming from a long day, and your room/house has dim lighting, bathroom ceilings are falling off, the kitchen tap is constantly dripping, etc. How would you feel in such a place? Disappointed, depressing, and many more feelings that are indescribable.

Do you know a slight spark can develop a great design? You can be a designer for yourself and use the internet for inspiration (it is full of surprises and new ideas). Simply, type ‘unique bathroom trends 2023,’ and within seconds receive results to blow your mind.

If you are going for bathroom remodeling, then incorporate these trends in 2023.

Bathroom Marble & Bathtub
Source Pexels.com


Everyone considers marble a valuable item for present-day kitchen countertops, but it is swiftly turning into a bathroom desire that creates a soothing and undying appearance. The use of floors and walls inside and outside the bathtub is increasing. Thus, it has become part of bathroom trends 2023.

modern bathroom with shower and bathtub
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Hardworking Storage

Similar to kitchens, centered garage in bathrooms has emerged as a burgeoning recognition of layout attention. Consider a drawer that could place a blow-dryer or different tool after an in-drawer outlet. Also, attempt a linen garage tower or a hidden drawer for a laundry basket. Experts suggest a combination of open, closed, drawer, cabinet, niche, and different garage solutions.

Dreshup Bathroom

Dressed-Up Style

2021 was about elegance, state-of-the-art fashion displaying up in lots of kitchens. This year the tailor-made build is entering in bathroom designs. This appearance consists of wealthy woods, dramatic black accents, jewelry-like lighting, and traditional finishes made from marble and polished nickel. Other trends that are part of 2023 trends, include custom functions like cabinetry and homemade tile.

Look for a smoked oak vanity that offers the room a piece of style. Incorporate marble countertops, homemade zellige wall tile, polished nickel plumbing fixtures, vintage-fashion pendants, etc., to create a speeding fashion.

Additionally, you can integrate cushy bathing essentials for smooth function like more than one showerhead and sprays. It can increase efficiency while giving you more and more space to enjoy. According to the Houzz US Bathroom Trend Study of 2021, nearly a quarter (23%) of homeowners who replace their bathrooms with bath maintenance are upgrading to dual showerheads and 16-body sprays.

One more point restroom layout experts suggest putting – a handheld sprayer. It will support you in various purposes like cleansing and washing pets and kids.

close up photo of a shower head
Source Pexels.com

Low-Curb Showers

Many owners choose curbless shower pans to remove the pressure of maintenance complexity and expensiveness. A low-reduce layout is easily possible, which gives huge benefits.

Remember, a low-profile barrier creates secure access in bathroom renovations Kew that lightens up the appearance and adds a sense to the area. This idea works perfectly for a small restroom.

Modern Bathroom


Shiplap can be exhibited anywhere in bathrooms. It provides a captivating atmosphere with visible texture to an area. It further, gives extraordinary height, width, or period to the installed essentials in the bathroom designs. The vertical orientation at the partitions facilitates the arrival of extra height, even as the setup at the ceiling accents the room’s duration instead of its slim width.

A creamy mild beige vanity provides the charm. The bathe partitions, ceiling, and important rest room ground can have porcelain tiles that mimic the appearance of Calacatta marble.

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white ceramic Freestanding Bathtubs beside clear glass wall
Source Pexels.com

Freestanding Bathtubs

Past few years, there has been a variety of hand-wringing over whether or no longer keep a bathtub in the bathroom trend 2023. But it appears the debate has commonly been settled. Those who drink in taking baths would not deliver theirs up for something, nor have to them.

A freestanding, flat-backside acrylic soaking bathtub is via way of means that will favor your desire. Most people during bathroom remodeling Melbourne choose heavy and big bathtubs for a luxury look. Creating a luxury look is good, but it is necessary to learn the space and add freestanding bathtubs that will give you more space and efficiency.

Elegant shower combinations or niche tubs

Elegant shower combinations or niche tubs

As stated, freestanding acrylic soaking tubs are part of famous tub fashion, material, and type. But alcove tubs, which includes the ones discovered withinside the not unusual place bathe-bathtub combo, are growing in popularity — up to four points, from 22% in 2020 to 26% in 2021,  according to the 2021 US Houzz Bathroom Trends Study.

Glazed ceramic infant blue bathes tile in various tones, and a vertical straight-lay sample draws attention to the bathing. A laugh patterned ground tile additionally garners attention. And a walnut vanity provides a beneficiant dose of visible warmth.

Elegant design to age in place

Elegant design to age in place

Many owners embark on upkeep to create there for all time domestic, which means incorporating common layout standards to help with accessibility withinside the years ahead. These days, the common layout prioritizes merchandise and functions which can be as appealing as they’re functional.

This year is packed with a laugh, and thrilling traits ready for you to attempt. Do one thing at a time, or when you have sufficient cash and time, you could move full-on and renovate your complete bathroom. The guide above will add a statement to your home, adding a sense of glamor and many more benefits. Don’t be fearful of attempting something new and start your new venture this year or read bathroom trends 2023 for the best designs and ideas.

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