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Interactive Fences: How Technology Delivers Modern Fencing Solutions

Interactive Fences

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Are you still wandering around your old outdoor fence, wondering how to make it better?

Time to upgrade your fencing with a touch of technology and go smart in your living ways. You can go for interactive fences which are quite popular among homeowners and are slowly bringing newer features.

But what are interactive fences? And how will they benefit the homeowners in the long run? 

Let’s find this out as you read along.

What are Interactive Fences?

Interactive fences for homes are actually a kind of advanced security system which is designed for homeowners to offer better protection to their property.

You can get greater control over your property and get surveillance benefits as well with the use of technology. No wonder, interactive fences can deter intruders, detect threats, and ensure better monitoring. 

They are actually designed with the aim to create a safer and more secure environment for families and are equipped with features such as cameras, sensors, motion-activated lighting, alert systems, Bluetooth connectivity with smart home devices and geofencing support etc.

So interactive fencing is much more than home decor and security. It can interact with you in case your home needs surveillance or protection.

Benefits of Interactive Fencing

Interactive fences offer several benefits to homes and homeowners and some of these are as follows:

  • The foremost benefit of interactive fences for homes is an additional level of security (over traditional fences). With the use of sensors, cameras, and smart lighting, they can detect intruders and offer you updates on the matter.
  • You can get real-time monitoring support with these interactive fences and get an idea about any suspicious activity or breaches, while you are at home or away. You can also keep an eye on your children and pets with this.
  • The smart fencing support can offer remote access to your home and you can get all the live updates on the mobile app or web interface. 
  • You can get instant alerts whenever the fences detect any breach or unusual activity. Based on this, you can take quick protection measures.
  • These can be integrated with the existing security system in your home, offering you all-inclusive access.
  •  Interactive fencing will surely increase the value of the property when you have the latest technology to help upkeep the security support.
  • It offers homeowners peace of mind when they know that their property is safe and being monitored, especially when they are not at home.
  • Interactive fences can offer evidence in case of unfortunate events relating to security breaches or intruders. This data can be used in law enforcement and for claiming insurance.

No wonder, interactive fences are not just smart, they are pretty beneficial as well. 

Let’s move on to know the types of interactive fences available in the market:

Types of Interactive Fences

Interactive outdoor fences can be obtained in the following types:

Smart Camera Fencing

These are the types of fences containing high-resolution cameras and they also contain motion detection and facial recognition features. 

They can capture and analyse the videos around the areas, sending them as updates to the smartphones or other devices of the homeowners, whenever they detect any suspicious activity.

In fact, the latest ones are equipped with two-way communication systems that enable homeowners to communicate with visitors from any place.

Motion Sensor Fencing

In the most basic cases, homeowners can integrate motion sensors into the fence structure and they can help you detect unusual activity around your property.

In case of any suspicious activity, the sensors can trigger lights and illuminate the area, scaring off intruders. You can also connect them to your home’s security system to get better updates.

Wireless Alarm Fencing

If you wish to get wireless alarm systems in your fence, you can go for wireless alarm fencing support. It comes with a sound and strobe light support which are activated when someone tries to breach the fence. 

These types of alarms can be activated or deactivated remotely and can offer better control over the security system to homeowners.

Lighting Fencing

If you wish to get better security while enhancing the aesthetics around your fencing, you can get lighting-integrated fences which can be controlled remotely. 

Not only can homeowners illuminate the area, but they can also adjust the intensity and colours of the light. No wonder, this can offer an appealing view of the space.

Virtual Perimeter Technology

This kind of fencing is especially helpful when you have a large property and you wish to establish a virtual boundary around it. Such virtual boundaries can also be established with the use of geofencing

Whenever a person or even an animal crosses this boundary, you will get an update on your smartphone through a mobile app or an SMS. 

This kind of fencing is very helpful for properties where traditional fencing might not be sufficient to safeguard the space.

Solar-powered Fencing

Technology has certainly helped human beings go unconventional and you can now get fences powered by unconventional sources of energy.

These fences are integrated with solar panels in the fence structure and can reduce the consumption of energy, making the fencing more sustainable in its structure. 

Pet-friendly Fences

What would you do if your smart, interactive fencing support would offer you alarms every other minute when your pet goes anywhere near it?

It’s quite irritating, right? Well, there is a solution to this.

You can get pet-friendly fencing which can be customised to detect humans and animals and differentiate between them. In this way, you will not get false alarms when your pet roams near the fence.

So far, so good! Isn’t it?

However, every coin has two sides and the flipside of this smart interactive fencing is also important to understand:

Downsides of Outdoor Interactive Fencing

  • Interactive fencing is a new technology and hence it would involve a lot of installation and maintenance costs. These involve the initial investment and the long-term costs as well.
  • It’s not so easy for homeowners to understand the technical complexity of the system.
  • The use of cameras and sensors in the fences can be a privacy concern in the neighbourhood. 
  • Interactive fences can offer false alarms due to strong winds and animals etc.
  • They may need regular maintenance of sensors, cameras and other elements. In the lack of this, the reliability of the fencing system might not be so good.
  •  Environmental factors such as heavy rains, extreme temperatures and snow can meddle with the performance of the system.
  • Data security could be an issue with interactive fencing. Any breach in the system could lead to delivery of the private data into the wrong hands.

So it’s important to understand that interactive fences are still in their initial stages and although they have a lot of benefits, you need to keep the threats in mind as well.

Make sure you consult an experienced serviceman and get a better idea about the installation and use of the interactive fencing.

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