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How to Create Modern Open-Concept Kitchens

Modern Open-Concept Kitchens

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What’s the significance of the kitchen in our home? Perhaps, it has the same importance as food for our body. And this is why, the kitchen in your home should be designed as tastefully as the food it produces.

Modern homeowners demand something different, and open kitchens are slowly becoming a trend. 

What are Open Kitchens?

Open kitchens or open-concept kitchens are actually what they mean – they are open!

So instead of being separated from other rooms in your home, these kitchens appear as a connected space and allow seamless movement inside the home. 

Open kitchens do not have closed entrances or narrow walkways. In fact, you can interact without guests and family members easily and use the space as a dining room or a part of the living room. No doubt, you can create the impression of a big space when you have your kitchen and living room come together.

Wish to get this luxurious view in your home too? You can surely go for open kitchens if you are looking for new kitchen renovation layout ideas. 

Here are some important tips and tricks that you can use to get amazing open-concept kitchens:

Find Out if You Have Adequate Space

Open kitchens allow free movement of people in the house. This is why it is really important to check if you have enough space to create an open kitchen. 

If you are looking for modern kitchen designs and ideas while keeping things free of boundaries in your home, you need to make provision for some extra space. 

If you have some temporary partitions separating the kitchen and other spaces, you can remove them according to your convenience. And if you are looking for a major overhaul, it’s important to consult a kitchen renovation expert.

Create a Layout for The Kitchen

While planning an open kitchen, having a layout of the space is important. 

Many homeowners look to design a specific layout according to the space they have.

For instance, you can have an L-shaped open kitchen, where most of the cabinets and other equipment are installed along the main walls of the home. This is facilitated by a statement countertop to create an island. Besides, you can have some seating arrangements around the kitchen and keep it open to the living room as well.

Besides, you can create certain zones using rugs or add casual seating to the kitchen island for a better view. 

Add a Focal Point to the Space

What gets most of the attention in your kitchen? No, apart from the food? Lol.

If you are creating an open kitchen, you can enhance the space by adding a focal point. For instance, if you have a kitchen island, you can highlight it by adding statement lights. 

Besides, you can use different colours to highlight certain spaces. In fact, if your kitchen and living room have no separations, you can highlight the kitchen by offering different flooring to the kitchen space. Similarly, dual-toned kitchens, colourful backsplashes, rustic dining tables and colourful kitchen cabinets can always add a unique focal point to the kitchen.

Have Lots of Storage

Open kitchens can always have lots of storage issues and the only solution to deal with this is having lots of storage in your kitchen.

Generally, modular kitchens have a variety of cabinets and these are affixed to the walls of the space to make sure no extra space is used for the storage.

Besides, your kitchen island can also be used to store a few of your kitchen appliances or your utensils. Many smart homeowners use modern kitchen renovation ideas and place their appliances smartly so that they would not use any extra space in the kitchen.

The key to storing a lot in your open kitchen and still making a statement is using kitchen cabinets smartly and utilising every inch of wall space well enough in your kitchen.

Plan for Natural Light

If you have a small home and wish to get a big impression, natural light can play a significant role. The more natural light you have inside an open-concept kitchen, the more it appears to be in size. 

Generally, homeowners who look for modern kitchen designs and ideas in Victoria, plan for a small window or some ventilation in the kitchen. 

However, if you are going for a kitchen renovation, you can consider adding additional windows to improve your kitchen’s view. The kitchen renovation experts might suggest you knock off a few walls around the space. If you can plan this out in your kitchen, you can definitely get a better view.

Go For Outside In Spaces

Does your kitchen overlook an outdoor yard or lawn? Well, this can be a part of your open kitchen view to achieve a more impressive effect. 

All you need to do is get a wall that has big windows overlooking the yard or a complete glass wall. This will help you get an outdoor view from your kitchen and offer it a more spacious appearance.

Bring in White Tones

What do you think about a dual-toned view in your kitchen or a combination of kitchen and living room, separated by some elements? 

Well, if you have a small space and wish to combine your kitchen and living room to create a bigger impression, you can match the colour tones of both spaces.

Most homeowners pick white tones to adorn their kitchens and living spaces so that they would create a sense of spaciousness.

So while you are looking for modern kitchen renovation trends, make sure you follow the tips and tricks above. But most importantly, consult experienced kitchen renovation contractors to get a better idea about space in your kitchen and whether or not you need some major construction or overhaul to get an open-concept kitchen. 

Also, if you have concerns about noise in an open kitchen, which might disturb guests in your living room, you may want to consider adding soundproofing materials to the walls or ceiling. This will help to create a more peaceful and relaxing space.

So make sure you know the highs and lows of an open-concept kitchen in advance and pick the perfect layout for the best outcomes.

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