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How to Choose a Kitchen Storage Cabinet Design


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Are you changing your kitchen cabinet layout because it’s not working for you? We are here to help you with the same for your upcoming kitchen remodelling project.

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet is a crucial task, especially when you are pretty unhappy with your current kitchen cabinet layout. So, without wasting more time, let’s see the aspects you should consider while choosing kitchen cabinets.

Let’s Begin with Understanding the Different Types of Cabinet Designs

Wall Units 

As the name suggests, wall units are the kitchen cabinets attached to the wall.  These are typically installed at a height of two feet from the kitchen countertop. The primary purpose of these cabinets is to provide additional space for storage without covering the floor space in the kitchen. 

Different Types of Wall Units Include: 

Open Box Wall Units 

Open box wall units are the most efficient way of storing cooking essentials in the kitchen. They have the most straightforward designs but are part of the most generous storage in the kitchen. 

The Vertical Sliding Split Shutter Unit 

Vertical sliding split shutter Storage is the perfect way to store cooking essentials in Melbourne. This type of storage is most significant for people with small heights as it can be easily accessible to them. 

The Bifold Lift-up Shutter Unit 

It is a two-piece shutter that folds from the centre and lifts vertically. This is the modern and stylish design for wall cabinets in the kitchen. 

Pegasus Kitchen Wall Cabinet 

It is undoubtedly the most trendy and convenient form of Storage in the kitchen, especially for those couples with short height. You can pull the tray down to access its stored contents. You can also have a shutter to close the unit.

Base Units 

Base units are certainly the most crucial part of the kitchen. The design and the size of your base units can make or mar the kitchen look. The fact that they are known as base units is because they act as the base for the kitchen Cooktops. Sink etc.  

Internal Drawers 

These internal drawers are the most significant way to clean, minimalist, etc., storage. Nowadays, these drawers are without handles. It would help if you pushed the drawers to open them up.  If you like your kitchen to be well organised, you must go for this type of cabinet. 

Pots and Pan Tandem Drawers 

Pots and pan drawers are the best way to store pots and pans in the kitchen. It prevents the pots and pans from moving and keeps them organised when I must have these designs in the kitchen. 

Spice Pull Out 

Every kitchen has some or other kinds of spices. So,  where do you keep them? Want to know the unique way of storing them? Spice pull-out base cabinets are the answer for you.  It is the recommended storage for those who want to have base units for storing essential ingredients.

Skirting Drawers 

These are the small height drawers at the base of the base cabinets in the kitchen. These are useful for storing cleaning cloths, pesticides, warranty cards, etc. 

Oil Pull-outs

As the name suggests, people design these oil pull-outs to store oil cans, glass bottles, containers, etc. Usually, those items that are sensitive to breaking are placed in this rack. 

Now, as you know, different cabinets are used for storage. Let’s have a look at factors that you must consider before you choose a kitchen Storage cabinet. 

Consider the Following Factors While Choosing Kitchen Cabinets

Colours and style

According to our knowledge and experience of Kitchen Renovations Melbourne, most minimalistic designs are in trend. The demand for white and pastel and bold coloured cabinets is on the rise in Melbourne. Instead of designing cabinets, people usually prefer single-coloured clients. 


The material of the kitchen cabinet plays the most crucial role in keeping your kitchen in good condition for years to come. Plywood shelves and laminate finishes are the evergreen choices for kitchens.

They are long-lasting, waterproof as well as budget-friendly.  But there are other options also available such as stainless steel. You can have the Stainless steel countertop and backsplash of the same material to make the kitchen look more attractive. 

Space requirements 

If you use the kitchen for home baking or regular cooking, you require much space for efficient working. In such cases, you must have installed a sufficient amount of base and wall cabinets to avoid any clutter over the counterparts.

You can include the pantry cabinets also to store the pantry.  Furthermore, you can have a big sink area for better washing and custom cabinets to store baking appliances. 

On the other hand, if you do not cook regularly, you can reduce the number of wall cabinets and include base shelves. This will make your kitchen space more spacious and organised. 

Ready to Have a Kitchen Remodelling

Now, as you know all the undertakings while choosing the kitchen storage cabinet designs, you can begin with the remodelling project.

Contact Kitchen Renovators in your area and discuss with them your needs and requirements, and preferences. They can suggest different custom designs, and you can show them according to your aspirations.

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