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Characteristics of High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets

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Are you looking to construct one of the high-quality and best-looking cabinets in town while doing kitchen renovation? But you don’t know what features high-quality cabinets must possess?

To make it easy for you to get your hands only on top-quality cabinets, we have listed their characteristics in this article. Go through the characteristics of high-quality cabinets and get yourself the best ones while renovating your kitchen.

All Plywood Construction 

The cabinet construction material plays a major part in the durability of cabinets. All plywood construction is the most durable one. The bracks and the sides of the cabinets have plywood, which helps the cabinets to be in shape and doesn’t catch moisture easily.

The particle board used is of low quality and doesn’t repel moisture efficiently. The plywood construction is also responsible for holding the weight of utensils and the countertop efficiently.

At the same time, particle boards such as that medium-density fibreboard (MDF), furniture board, and engineered wood don’t impart such strength to the cabinets. 

Full-height Back Panels

Another very crucial characteristic of high-quality cabinets is their full-height back panels. The back panel keeps the cabinets in their position. They ensure its strength, and also they are easy to install.

The best-constructed panels are the ones that have about ⅜ inches of back panels of plywood with full length. Other than that, less expensive back panels are metal hang rails, picture frames, etc. 

Soft Close Hinges

Aren’t hinges the most important part of smoothly opening and closing doors? Yes, they are, so getting hinges of low quality is not worth it. Get the 6-way adjustable hinges built with nickel plate and steel. So they will adjust even when doors expand due to seasonal changes.

Soft Gliders

If you want to have a smooth sliding of your cabinets, then you need to have a heavy-duty glide. The heavy weight on your cabinet demands strong glides to allow long durable soft gliding drawers. Weak gliders can lead to saggy drawers.

Under-mount steel glides give the smooth sliding of the drawers and also support a load of about 90 pounds. The side slide gliders or centre mount gliders don’t provide as much strength to your cabinets. These often use epoxy-coated metal with plastic bearings that can’t support heavy loads. 

Cabinet Assembly

You can either get fully assembled cabinets or get ready to assemble cabinets. The manufacturers in the factory assemble the cabinets using hot and cold glue, dovetail joints, etc., to make solid hard cabinets.

These are sent as drawers and doors intact. You can install it directly. But the ready-to-assemble ones have cabinets, doors, drawer glides, drawers, hardware, etc. You need to assemble its construction site. You can get it for significantly less, but you may require more time to assemble it. 

Personalised Touch

While talking about kitchen cabinets, you need to have ones according to your choices. If you like to have the spice bottle drawers in front, you must go for that. If you frequently need to use the appliances such as ovens, keep those in cabinets that are easy to use and clean.

If you do not require more utensils, then you can get fewer cabinets. In the end, it’s all about your comfort and your style. There is no better quality than your personal touch. So, get your customised size, design, colour, corner cabinets, and main cabinets for better utilisation. 

Toe Kick

The toe kick is very small below your cabinets to allow you to keep your toes there while working in the kitchen. These toe kicks also ensure the proper base strength for your cabinets.

The toe kick space shouldn’t be too small. Otherwise, it is very difficult to get the dust out of that area. You can also choose to close this area but keep in mind not to keep the space too small.

Final Words

Characteristics of high-quality cabinets include durable materials, underneath gliders, soft close 6-way hinges, full-height back panels, etc. For Kitchen Renovation Melbourne, go for a fully assembled factory outlet with insurance and warranties to use these cabinets for longer.

Go for the one giving maximum warranties though they may cost you a few more pounds; you will get more durable service from those kitchen cabinets.

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