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Showers vs. Bathtubs: What to Choose in Your Bathroom

Showers vs. Bathtubs

Oh, sweet bathroom! “You take away all my stress and offer me the most rejuvenating experience ever, every time I visit you. Away from my bed, you are the one place in my home where I feel completely relaxed.” Do you ever talk to your bathroom like that? Do you consider your bathroom one of […]

10 Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom on a Tight Budget

10 Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom on a Tight Budget

Are you planning to renovate your small bathroom? Get ready!  Even small bathroom repairs and renovations can cost you a huge sum of money if you do not remain careful and informed.  While the cost of bathroom renovation varies from place to place, bathroom renovation in Melbourne may cost you something between $8000 and $35,000 […]

How to Make Your Bathroom More Functional

Make Your Bathroom More Functional

How well do you know your bathroom? Well, it’s now about what’s really a part of your bathroom or how it looks. In fact, if your bathroom is functional enough and offers you the utmost comfort, you might consider yourself familiar with the space. Let’s admit, these days, bathrooms are not just the space used […]

Bathroom Renovation Process: What are the steps in a bathroom renovation?


Renovation of the bathroom might look like an easy task, but it’s pretty tricky work. You require an exemplary bathroom renovation service with a proper plan and strategy to make it a smooth process. Before you start renovation work, you need to understand the process of renovation step by step. Due to the complexity of […]

What’s the Current Trend in Bathroom Mirrors?


A bathroom is literally incomplete without a beautiful mirror. However, you would not wish to get that old, mundane mirror after a beautiful bathroom remodelling job. Would you? So when it comes to bathroom mirrors, you have to choose some latest styles so that your bathroom could have that plush appearance. Here are some of […]

Should Bathroom Vanity Be Wider Than the Mirror?


Do you think there is a correlation between the size of your bathroom vanity and the mirror near it? When you are about to go for a bathroom remodelling, you would have to choose each of these elements with precision. Most homeowners look to choose the grandest bathroom vanities and mirrors but forget to adhere […]

Choosing the Right Material for Your Bathroom Vanity: A Comprehensive Guide


If you are still searching for the best materials for your bathroom vanities, here is a detailed guide to help you during your bathroom renovation. When shopping for bathroom vanities, homeowners typically consider three important aspects: resistance to moisture, durability, and budget. The bathroom is a high-moisture area, and if the vanity is not waterproof, it can become […]

How to Install Bathroom Vanity and Faucets

Are you looking to install a bathroom vanity all yourself? Well, this could be a good idea if you are looking to save some money. Generally, people get a new bathroom vanity during their bathroom renovation, and the remodelling contractors handle the job well enough.  However, if you are looking to install a bathroom vanity, […]

What are the most popular bathroom colours for 2023?

The bathroom is a crucial part of the house. Though most people ignore it, choosing the right colour for the bathroom is very important. It holds significant importance in upgrading the status of your bathroom while you renovate it. So, to make it easy, we have brought the most popular 2023 bathroom colours for you.  […]

Bathroom Vanity Guide: Choose the Best Vanity for Your Bathroom

Getting an artistic bathroom is one of the dreams of homeowners. The bathroom is one of the spaces in the house that needs an expert’s hand to look good, and your fine sense of creativity to operate smoothly. While making new purchases for your bathroom after a renovation job you must be very careful about […]