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Beyond Paint: Alternative Techniques for Decorating Walls

Alternative Ways to Decorate Walls Without Paint

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When you enter your home after a tiresome day at work, you expect to feel energised and get your mind refreshed. After all, reaching home is one of the best satisfactions in the world, and believe it or not, the walls of your home can create a huge impact on your mood. 

This is why, it is advised to decorate the walls of your home rather tastefully. 

Do you still think about colourful paints when you look for interior design ideas on your walls? It’s time to be creative and imbibe newer concepts to decorate your walls beyond painting them. 

Here are some interesting home renovation tips for homeowners to get the best designs on walls without breaking the bank:

Add Some Classy Wallpaper to the Decor

Wallpapers on walls are not a new concept. However, they still attract a lot of homeowners and offer a pretty good appearance to the walls. They arrive in hordes of designs, colours, patterns, textures, and can contain your favourite messages as well.

The best thing about using wallpapers is that it’s an extremely inexpensive and hassle-free method to decorate walls. In most cases, you just need to peel the cover and stick the desired wallpaper to your walls. It’s a kind of DIY home project that not only improves the appearance of the walls but also hides imperfections.

You can go for traditional floral patterns and can also pick contemporary geometric designs. Wallpapers will definitely help you in adding a touch of personality to the walls. 

Go For Beautiful Wall Decals

Many people refer to them as wall stickers but wall decals are slightly different and more effective home improvement tools than normal stickers.

Actually, decals are made up of much stronger materials than ordinary stickers and resist wear and tear even after a long period of time. So when you stick them on the walls, they offer a great view and are extremely long-lasting too.

Wall decals occur in hordes of designs and you can choose from simple shapes to abstract structures according to your taste. And while they are easy to apply on the walls, they are equally effortless to remove as well. This is why wall decals are a great thing for renters.

Carve Gorgeous Designs with Stencils

If you are good at art, your walls can reflect your true personality.

Instead of painting the entire walls, you can add amazing designs using stencils and this is a fun and easy interior design idea to customise your walls according to your taste.

All you need is the most creative stencils, which can range from geometric patterns to colourful floral designs. Stencilling the walls is extremely inexpensive and can reflect your true self on the walls. 

However, you need to understand that it needs a bit of creativity and effort to stencil the best designs on the walls. If you are not sure about doing it yourself, you can get help from home renovation experts to assist you in this aspect.

Pick Interesting Murals for Walls

Wall murals are a form of large-scale covering on walls that tend to create a focal point and enhance the beauty of the space. In fact, you can use them on just a single wall of your room to shift attention and get great outcomes.

Murals can be of any design, structure, shape, size and element according to your wish. Ranging from abstract structures to sacred figurines, you can get any sort of wall mural, and these can be painted, stencilled or created using wallpapers.

These are considered more permanent options in terms of wall decorations and can add a lot of depth to the walls, transforming the aura of the entire space.

Reflect Your Personality Through Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, 

Add some magic to the hall.

And ta-da! Mirrors will spell their charm on your walls like no other decorative product. All you need to do is get some creative mirrors and hang them on the walls you need to decorate. These are some of the best home improvement tools that transform a space completely.

You can get mirrors in various shapes, sizes, designs and colours, and can hang them creatively to get a great appearance. Mirrors also enhance the appearance of the rooms, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Hang Artwork on the Walls

Do you not wish to paint the walls but still hide the issues? Artwork is one of the most effective ways to decorate your wall in a relatively inexpensive manner.

And you can get distinct kinds of artwork to hang on your walls. While some people go for fabric artwork, others hang colourful plates in distinct shapes and sizes. Some people go for glass hangings on their walls and others go for DIY paper artwork.

Similarly, you can pick different kinds of paintings, photographs, sculptures and other products to create a unique space.

Make It Greener Through Plants

Have you seen plants hanging on the walls? Or green succulents kept on neat, little shelves, just kissing the walls of a room?

Yes, this new trend is attracting homeowners quite a bit and you too can improve the appearance of any space in your home using tiny potted plants. These can be hung using strings and can also be kept on tiny platforms attached to the walls. 

Make sure you pick the correct plants and place them carefully so that they do not create dust and dirt accumulation in the space.

These are some of the most effective home renovation tips when you need to decorate your walls without painting them. They need less effort, less investment, and can be carried out by the homeowners to save time. 

However, it is important to note that these are decorative alternatives and cannot replace the need to paint your walls. In case your home walls are facing issues such as mould or moisture etc. and are emitting unwanted smells, do not try to hide them behind these interior design ideas.

Contact the home remodelling experts and get the small issues resolved promptly so that they do not create bigger troubles in the future.

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