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Amazing Christmas Bathroom Decoration Ideas

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Now as Christmas 2022 is just a month away you must have started to plan to decorate your house, dining areas, bedrooms, and living rooms. Why stop here? Why not extend your Christmas decoration to the bathroom space? 

This Christmas also decorate your bathrooms and make them merry and bright. The Christmas decoration ideas listed below will help you to decorate your bathroom for this festive season. So, quickly ponder upon them and get acquainted with simple and quick ideas to cheer up the most ignored corner of your house.

Christmas Bathroom Accessories

The bathroom is incomplete without accessories. So why not use Christmas theme accessories for the bathroom this Christmas? You can bring in the bathroom towels, liquid soap dispensers, soap cases, toothbrush holders, facial tissue covers, etc. with Christmas pictures over them. You can either install new accessories or give them a new Christmas look. 

If you have been waiting for a long time to replace all the accessories in the bathroom then don’t hesitate to bring new ones this festive season. You can invest in these accessories without regret as you can also use these accessories after the festive season is over. And you should take the help of professionals in the field of bathroom renovations to refurbish and do the necessary fittings in your bathroom for Christmas.  

You can also get cabinets, drawers, or shelves with the same Christmas theme. Alternatively, you can also bring waterproof stickers from the market and stick them on the cabinets and drawers to Impart a Christmas look. 

Christmas Wreaths in the Bathroom

Well, I am not talking about attaching large Christmas wreaths in the bathroom. Go for some small Christmas wreaths and you can organize garlands at the house to give them a unique sense. Add festive embellishing articles to the wreath to create a funkier look. Produce mini-size wreaths and you can dangle them anywhere in the bathroom. 

You can attach one of them to the door, and another one beside the bathroom mirrors. Alternatively, if you have an empty wall in your bathroom where there are no cabinets or mirrors then you can attach these wreaths to those walls. 

Repair Your Bathroom 

Well talking about the bathroom decor for Christmas, the first thing that comes to mind is to repair the old and worn-out ones in the bathroom. You can certainly consider replacing some old appliances, such as the water heater, leaking shower or faucets, etc. This will be a reasonable investment for his holiday season. It will not only give your bathroom a new look but also repair the damage that was quite problematic for you.

Christmas Shower Curtains 

Do you love to hang shower curtains on the edge of your shower area? Then you are surely going to love this idea. You might probably have one of the Christmas-looking shower curtains at your home. If not you can get the curtains with snowflakes and snowmen, a winter wonderland curtain, or with Santa and Christmas tree curtains. This will create a great Christmas ambience and a cosy feel in your bathroom. 

Well if you are the one who has never used shower curtains before then this can be the perfect time for you to install the shower curtain hangers. You can either do it yourself or call professionals to do it for you. Once you have hung the curtain hangers, you can bring and hang decent Christmas-related curtains. Do not forget to follow the same theme for all the decor to make it look sassier. 

Christmas Bath Towels 

Well, if you are to decorate your bathroom then how can you forget to give a Christmas touch to this section? Bring soft Christmas decor-themed towels such as with reindeer and snowflakes, with snowmen and gingerbread men. You can hang both Christmas theme hand towels as well as large body towels as per your choice. 

Christmas Bathroom Rugs 

You haven’t been using bath rugs till now? It’s time to bring in these rugs to get a soft cushioned surface to stand and walk on while you are in the bathroom.  These bathroom rugs give an iconic look to your space. You can go for the ones having Christmas scenery, and snow-capped trees or with the plane ones having a red and green colour. 


Are you fond of decorations with candles? If yes then you will love this idea of bringing candles into the bathroom for decoration. You can bring a nice silver or golden colour candle holder and place the handle over it to give a warmer feel to your space. Use nice-scented candles with the smell of flowers, pine trees, etc. To avoid the wax from melting down on the countertop use the closed jar for placing the candles. You can also go for another type of royal and decorative candle stands to give a more pleasant vibe to the place.

Mini Christmas Tree

Christmas decor is incomplete without the Christmas tree. So why not place a small Christmas tree in your bathroom area? Use the lighting, and golden balls to decorate the Christmas tree and to make the tree look more cheering. Furthermore, you can also add some decorative items to the Christmas trees such as small gifts to make them look prettier. 

The best place to keep the mini Christmas tree in your bathroom is above the countertop. While you can also place it beside the Bathtub or below the shelves in the bathroom.

Decorative Glass Jar 

A glass jar replenished with colourful drops, jewels, berries, leaves, etc. can also compose a generous embellishment for the bathroom. Use the minor festive glimmers to wrap the vase and put in more glimpses of it. You can put it in symmetry beside the bathroom mirror. Alternatively, you can also place it beside the bathtub on the table. Furthermore, you can also enhance the look of your bathroom by keeping the glass jar on the window panes. 

White Flowers

Christmas decor is incomplete without giving it a natural touch. Use white colour flowers such as lilies, white roses, etc. to give a charming look to your area. Use the vase or any jar to place the flowers. If you are keeping fresh flowers then remember to change them before they wilt. You can also plant these flowers and keep the sapling inside the bathroom. Grow the regional flowers in the pot and use them for Christmas decor. Alternatively, you can also choose to go with artificial flowers  

One unique idea is to bring in some grass and arrange it properly on the window pane. Over these grass carefully arrange white colour flowers. You can also put the jar of candles over the grass to keep it a fabulous festive look. 

Have Fun While Decorating Your Bathroom for Christmas 

The festive season is all about having fun with friends and families. So it’s significant to have fun while decorating your bathroom this festive season. Involve your children while doing so. Do not bring in too many festive items in the bathroom. Keep the decoration simple to give a better look. 

Challenge yourself to do better bathroom decor for Christmas. Try new decor ideas from the above catalogue and also take the ideas from your children and have fun while decorating the space.

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