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10 Easy Ways to Improve Bathroom Ventilation

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Poor Ventilation can be improve by understanding the different ways to overcome ventilation problems in the washroom. 

Are you facing poor ventilation problems in your bathroom? Don’t you worry, for we have brought some easy and efficient methods by which you can overcome the ventilation problem in your bathroom.

But before moving on to that list, let’s comprehend the true meaning of ventilation. Ventilation implies the removal of moist, warm, polluted air and supplying dry, cool and fresh air in the room.

So, while improving the ventilation of the bathroom, you need to keep in mind both aspects of the ventilation. 

Install Exhaust Fan

Install an Exhaust Fan 

The exhaust fan is the easiest and most effective solution to the ventilation problem in the bathroom—the exhaust fan works by sucking out the moist air outside the room.

They are quite inexpensive and easy to install. If you are worried about the noise created by the exhaust fan, you can get an exhaust fan that runs without creating additional noise in the room. 

Fresh Air Supply Vents

Fresh Air Supply Vents

The function of the fresh air supply vent is to supply the fresh air inside the bathroom. It functions opposite to an exhaust fan; however, it significantly reduces the moisture in the room, making the air clean and pleasant.

When you supply the fresh air in the bathroom space, the air pressure is generated. This air pressure forces the hot and humid air to escape from the area from any possible open doors, cracks, etc.

Clean Your Vents and Exhaust Fan

If you already have an exhaust fan installed in the bathroom and yet you face a ventilation problem, then you must clean the vents and exhaust fan in the area.

Stacking dust and other debris on the exhaust fan reduces its functionality. Thus it’s important to ensure proper cleaning to remove dust and debris.

You must also ensure the proper and regular cleaning of the vents of your air conditioning. Because this significantly brings in the debris and mould inside the house if not cleaned for longer. 


Dehumidifiers work by removing the moisture from the air and again releasing the same air into the environment. It doesn’t make space for the fresh air in the room.

Thus you can use high-power whole-house dehumidifiers for the bathroom. You can use it in addition to the exhaust when there is a need to remove the additional moisture from the bathroom.

Condensate dehumidifiers and absorption dehumidifiers are the types of dehumidifiers that you can use in the bathroom space to improve the ventilation of the space. 

Use High-quality Dehumidifying Crystals

Dehumidifying crystals are crystals of hygroscopic salts that absorb the moisture from the surrounding. These salts can significantly reduce the moisture in the bathroom.

The salt crystals come with the cup to collect the excess vapours from the air. These crystals absorb excess moisture as well as remove the odour from the bathroom.

These salts are non-toxic to the environment and smartly help you to improve the ventilation problem.

Open the Window of the Bathroom 

Keep the bathroom window open even while you are showering or taking a bath in the bathtub. This can be a natural ventilation provider.

However, if privacy is a concern, you can consider installing the pipes and hanging the waterproof curtain over them like many of our customers in Melbourne.

Because if you use cloth curtains, they can get wet and stay wet for a longer time, and the environment around them will retain the moisture.

This will worsen the ventilation problem in the washroom. Thus it’s advised to use waterproof curtains. You can take the advice of a profession 

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers purify the air by removing the dust and moulds, and other debris in the air, but they do not remove moisture from the air. Thus you might be required to use exhaust fans or dehumidifiers along with the air purifiers to have better air circulation in your bathroom.

However, there are some air purifiers available in the market that also remove excess moisture from the air. You can get them and install them to get the complete ventilation problem solved.

Install a Shower Dome

Shower some are devices that work by decreasing the moisture in the air and preventing the steam formation and mould formation.

Condensation occurs when the steam is formed due to a hot water bath. This steam causes the moisture to retain in the room. Shower domes are fitted above the shower panels to prevent steam formation.

Use the Ceiling Fan or Bathroom Wall Fan

Though it is a very unusual way of improving ventilation, it can be very helpful when there is no exhaust fan to ventilate the bathroom. You can hang the ceiling fan or use the normal bathroom fan to dry the air in the bathroom space. 

Clear Out the Debris from the Bathroom Surfaces

Even after trying all the hacks to remove moisture and ventilate the area, mould might settle on the bathroom’s surface. In such cases, you should use chemicals to remove the moulds from the space to prevent suffocation in the area.

Take the Help of Bathroom Renovators Bathroom renovators are skilled people involved in bathroom fittings. You can take the help of professional Bathroom renovators to install the essentials in your bathroom space.

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